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I have held executive roles across all sectors of the economy.  Following my tenure as the Chief Human Resources Officer for AARP and later as an interim CHRO for the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, I launched my own firm- Sigmon Leadership Solutions. We provide expert coaching and consulting services across a broad spectrum of clientele.  Contact me today to learn more.

I am a frequent contributor and speaker at on a variety of       topics including, “The Modern HR Environment”, “Employer Branding and HR”, and “Workforce Engagement,”  “Navigating C-Suite Relationships,” and “DisruptHR,”  and “Leveraging Your Social Media Strategy”.

I provide Executive and Leadership Coaching and am certified as an Associate Coach  International Coaching Federation, am certifed and trained as a Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute, and am a Certifed Stakeholder Centered Coach through Marshall Goldsmith.

I have a B.A. from Western Illinois University and a Masters in Health Policy and Administration from the University of North Carolina. I am certified as a Senior Human Resources Professional. I live in New York with my wife Danielle.


As a business leader it is my responsibility to breathe life into the employee experience and forge an alliance between our employees and strategy.


What Clients are saying about me.

Like many executives having utilized or considered coaching, I’ve already obtained some measure of success. But being an effective leader is a commitment to life-long learning. When I began my coaching sessions with John my primary goal was personal growth and development, and through that I would enhance my professional acumen. “You can’t save someone else if you’re drowning.” John’s emotional intelligence is unmatched. He immediately asked insightful questions, honed in on critical gaps in my life and offered simple but potent tools to guide me to the right path forward. Moreover, John was not just a coach but a mentor and colleague who was always available to listen and promptly give me expert advice and tailored solutions to effectively address various matters I was facing. John exceeded my expectations in every way.

James J. Wilson, Ph.D.
Chief Human Capital Officer
U.S. Office of Special Counsel   

John Sigmon is an incredibly talented executive, thought leader, and coach who passionately helps organizations and individuals achieve positive change for themselves and those they serve.
During my time at AARP, John developed and leveraged innovative ideas to help transform both the human resources function and the enterprise more broadly. These changes not only improved human resources and the employee experience at AARP, but through his thought leadership platform, he successfully disseminated these leading practices and others to a broader audience that benefited from his insights and leadership.

More recently, as my personal leadership coach, I was blown away by John’s caring and skillful approach to guiding me towards a plan of action that will allow me to leverage my strengths and passions to further grow and develop as a leader in my field. His strong listening skills, intuition, and sense of curiosity helped me achieve clarity and conviction around my direction going forward that I could not have attained if not for his dedication and commitment to excellence.

Whether as a human resources leader or as a personal coach, it is truly my pleasure to provide John Sigmon my strongest possible recommendation! 

Tommy Goodwin 

Government Relations | Public Affairs | Advocacy  

John Sigmon is an innovative thinker, outstanding coach, and a top-notch leader. He is one of a kind — in business and life. Having had the opportunity to work with John for nearly three years, I can say that he is one of the most honest and patient people I know, always ready to lend a hand or an ear at a moments notice. John has a talent for taking complex people problems, breaking them down, and working to achieve outstanding results. I have come to admire John for his unwavering commitment to anything he takes on, and I feel grateful to have had the chance to work with and for him. I have learned a tremendous amount from John’s experience, and have enjoyed his quick wit and compassionate, empathetic nature.

Lois Lyons 

Talent Management Executive 

John Sigmon is a change agent and leader. I have worked with John in his leadership capacities at both the Library of Congress and at AARP. John lead’s from the front and is on the cutting edge of change and transformation of the human capital function.  

Daniel Patrick Forrester 

Founder and CEO at THRUUE Inc.