Practical Guide to Hiring

There is no doubt that the growth and success of a company is driven by its’ people. This is especially true in today’s competitive market, where an organization’s future depends on recruiting and retaining the best talent.

Yet, even though talent recruitment and management are essential to an organization’s strategy, very little attention is paid in developing best practices for actually hiring top candidates. Instead, organizations often default to unstructured hit-and-miss strategies when acquiring new talent. This is ultimately detrimental, not only in time and money, but in acquiring people who may not suit the company’s needs, values, and vision.

How then can organizations ensure that they are indeed hiring the best candidates for a position? The most powerful and efficient way is to have a strong recruitment strategy in place while fully understanding your candidates before you begin the interviewing process.

This book is a practical guide on how to acquire top talent for your organization using systematic, structured interviewing processes. It also offers advice on how to maximize the effectiveness of the recruitment process by using talent you’ve already hired. Lastly, it delves deeper into research to show how you can retain talent by first understanding their mindset and what motivates them to stay with an organization.

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