Great Content in the New “Future of Work” eBook

How do you envision your future of work?  Will the workplace change due to digital technology and your need for great work-life integration? Will the notion of full-time and secure employment be squashed? Will you lose your job to a robot? Will your employer deploy a style of self-management? Will your next boss be 15 years younger than you?
In a business environment where new digital technologies are reshaping work like we’ve never seen before; where work continually “follows the sun,” and where workplaces are becoming dominated by a game-changing generation of millennial workers, we are struggling to understand how these will impact the future of work and it’s prompting us to rethink and reinvent the workplace, if not for others, at least for ourselves.
Rather than fight the transforming world of work, individuals are looking for ways to future proof their career and their employer’s relevance, and adapt to it as quickly and effectively as possible.
The future of work is now; how are you going to make it work for you?
The FOW Community and its members can help. We’ve released a complimentary eBook to help you and organizations around the world prepare for these changes.
In this eBook, you’ll discover lessons like how to:
  • Avoid getting trapped in old ways of thinking and doing, and  instead reinvent ing  how  your organization can drive measurable performance
  • Prioritize the needs of millennial talent
  • Remain relevant in a world where artificial intelligence and robots are increasingly  rendering our jobs redundant
  • Be 50+ and still be in demand in the future workplace
  • Implement new hiring practices to hire employees who can add value right away
  • Leverage meaningful employee amenities  and help you win the war for talent
  • Manage remote workers, freelancers
  • Be an “All In” leader so you can be a great leader
This book is a must read for anyone who wants to future proof their career and the relevance of their organization .
No matter how the future of work changes in years to come, to be successful, individuals must stay focused and adaptive, and educate themselves on what is now and what’s to come. The future of work belongs to those who prepare for it.

Contributing Authors and FOW Community Members:
  • Dr. Tracy Brower, Global VP of Workplace Vitality, Mars Drinks
  • Gianpaolo Barozzi, Sr. Director, HR, Cisco Global Talent Management
  • Antonia Cusumano, US Technology Industry, People and Organization Lead
  • Dany DeGrave, Sr. Director Unconventional Innovation & Networks, Sanofi Pasteur
  • Mark Edgar, Sr. VP, HR, RSA Canada
  • Simon Elliot, Director Business Development, Aramark and Lifeworks Restaurant Group
  • Sara Sutton Fell, CEO and Founder, Flexjobs
  • Antoinette Forth, Co-Founder, Walkabout Collaborative LLC
  • Andy Jankowski, Founder and Managing Director, Enterprise Strategies
  • Tina Lai, Business Development Manager, Upwork
  • Tom Lamberty, HR Manager, Cisco Global Talent Management
  • Lorne Rubis, Chief People Officer, ATB Financial
  • John Sigmon. Chief HR Officer, AARP
  • Wendy Smith, Head of New Employee Experiences, NCR
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