I have over 25 years experiecne leading companies and teams across all sectors of the economy. I help my clients reach their most ambitious goa;s and achieve excellence through inquiry, awareness, reflection, and action. I utilize a variety of techniques to help you create a resilient and high performing culuture. We will build upon your natural leadership style and learn new and complimentary leadership styles. 


When we think of a team or a coach, most people think of sports. This is not far off! Coaching teams in today’s work environment is essential to organizational success.

As a team coach I work hand in hand with teams of leaders. This type of coaching has evolved alongside increasingly team-oriented workplaces.

Being a team coach requires a wide range of skills and perspectives. My courage and direct approach based on years of organizational successes can make the difference.

Here is what I offer your team:

  • Clarity on Performance and Development
  • Organizational and Business Savvy
  • Systems/Design Thinking Perspective
  • How to be Comfortable with Ambiguity


Are you stuck? Maybe you’re looking for a career change. I can be your ally in exploring different perspectives and possibly career options through coaching. I have successfully re-invented myself and changed careers a number of times. I know what you are going through, and I can help accelerate your efforts.

Here is what I can offer, and perhaps more importantly what career coaching IS NOT:

  • I Will Help You Personalize a Career Plan That Meets Your Unique Needs
  • I Will Help You Minimize Stress and Anxiety
  • I Will Provide Honest, Unbiased, and Direct Feedback
  • I Can’t Do the Work for You
  • I Can’t Change Your Life Overnight
  • I Can’t Instantly Get You a Job


A leader’s transition into a new role offers a significant opportunity to lay the foundation for success. According to the Center for Creative Leadership nearly 40% of all newly promoted CEO’s fail outright in the first 18 months. With so much riding on this transition why leave results to chance.  Correctly managed, the transition period for a leader is a time to build momentum, develop credibility, win trust, and engage key stakeholders.

Winning organizations know that a proactive approach is required for managing transitions. Leaders are faced with new, unpredictable, and often daunting challenges. A derailed leader is a significant cost to the organizational reputation and to the bottom line.

I apply a holistic approach to evaluating the leader’s readiness and identifying potential barriers to success. Throughout the process, I partner with the leader, the transition team, and HR to align the work with the overall organizational strategy and goals.

Transition Coaching Outcomes:

  • The leader is empowered to immediately create positive momentum and see early wins
  • They avoid early mistakes that may be hard to recover from
  • They develop a communication strategy to build key relationships and set expectations 
  • They build competencies for making a bigger impact as they stand on a larger stage 
  • Key stakeholders throughout the organization are more confident in the leader’s ability to succeed and drive results